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Before you do a consultation with me I would like you to know about my background. I am a therapist who practices gentle, effective techniques of healing.

Working with people from all walks of life and in all stages of health and illness, using the basic principles of modern and ancient healing modalities to help you heal and balance your life.

Your body has a deep wisdom and a profound intelligence of its own. My goal is to aid you in unleashing your own inner healing potential. During your initial phone consultation we will have a chance to talk as well as performing a biofeedback test and balancing session for you. I will help you on your path to healing and explain to you the tools you can use to maintain your vitality and well-being.

I have been working with people in person and by phone for almost 30 yrs. I am moving in the direction of more phone consultations and therapies so that I may assist more people.


Hi I’m Dr. Ariel Klein.

The Healing internet is here when you need it. For online consultations ,questions and answers, resources and self promotion. Post your own healing modality, article, videos and products. Open to professionals and  lay persons. 

Online Wholistic Healing Consultations and Session with Dr Ari

With an online consultation I can direct you on your healing path. During your consultation a comprehensive biofeedback analysis and balancing session is performed. This information will allow me to suggest certain supplements and practices to incorporate at home as you heal. If necessary I will refer you to the appropriate practitioner near you.
Online biofeedback and long distance healing sessions are also some of my specialties.

A Patients Point of View
I’ve been to many practitioners trying to get relief from chronic fatigue and from severe thigh pain. Dr. Ari gave me the quality care and personal  attention I needed to get well.
D.B. – San Jose, CA





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