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-Distance Healing
-Life Counseling

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For medical problems consult a medical doctor.



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Connect Anytime Anywhere

It has been proven through Quantum Physics that we are all instantly connected by the principle of quantum entanglement.

Our modern technology can connect with you via your unique electromagnetic signature.

Your signature is determined  by our software when we enter your name and date of birth. A photo is optional.

When looking for a needle in a haystack it is hard to find. If you put up a powerful electromagnet the needle will be found instantly as it connects to the magnet. That is how we connect with you.


Video; A Golden Oldie

How Bioresonance Therapy Works

The practice and art of Bioresonance Therapy is based on the concept and observation that all living  organisms and their components, the cells, tissues and organs, emit  measurable electromagnetic waves. The sum of which is our electromagnetic or biosignature.

Our software scans your body from head to toe finding and harmonizing any imbalances in these wave forms allowing your body to correct itself.

About Us

Who we are


We are a team of pioneers in the field of energy medicine and healing.

Dr. Ari Klein (click for more info) has 30 yrs of experience caring for others in person or remotely. He is the inventor of the  soliton wave application (click for definition)  application for the Quantum Life Bioresonance device.

In addition Dr. Ari worked on the first generation of the Life System Biofeedback program. Dr. Ari is an expert in Quantum technology utilizing the QXCI and the SRC4U quantum Qi Gong software which uses the energy imprints of Grand Master David Harris.

 Kevin Green has over 30 yrs of experience in energy healing. He is the main  software support engineer for Grand Master David. Kevin has also been a healer helping thousands of people over the decades: and the go to software support for all of the above mentioned spiritual technologies. He is a true pioneer and innovator in the field of biofeedback and electromedicine.  



Watch this amazing video of

 Grand Master David Harris

GMD has put his own highly cultivated energy into the SRC4U healing program.

David Harris is Grandmaster of 3 Martial Arts and Qi Gong with

 30+ years of experience.

 "I began my study of Martial Arts at 4 years of age.   I have now turned the knowledge and energy I originally  learned  into modern healing technologies." 


My Blog


Caring For Your Health


  • We understand that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind and body are completely healthy. That's why we take a holistic approach to preventing and helping relieve health problems.               Together

Natural Healing


Our goal is to provide alternative medical care that will help you using the fundamental healing principles of ancient healing techniques through modern day technologies and  mind-body medicine. Our results prove the best way to help the natural body is naturally. 


Our Promise to You


We care about your well being and will provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be happy and healthy. We are here to help you achieve optimal wellness. 



Our Services


Phone and Video Consultations

510 388-6278

Plants and Herbs were commonly used before western pharmaceuticals were introduced. Treating and preventing medical conditions with herbs is naturally safe. 

 Today we treat with vibrational frequency patterns that speak in the language of your cells. We neutralize pathogens and support the immune system. harmonizing our organs and metabolic functions. Detoxing from toxins and feeling happier and more energetic. 



We specialize in bioresonance practices of healing by distance.

These modalities include:




Distance healing
counseling, coaching,consultations

Life Counseling & Coaching

We all need someone to talk to 

who will listen without judgement 

and help provide a deeper healing of mental, emotional, and physical complaints.

510 388 - 6278


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Distance Healing

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